About Us

Paryatak Holidays was born out of an idea of exploring the unexplored. Going to places & enjoying life to its fullest.

The seed of the company was born out of the personal travel experiences of Sachin Sawant & his wife Namrata Sawant. They were joined by Usha Ature who shared the similar passion of travel like Sachin & Namrata. Together they joined hands & founded Paryatak.

The core philosophy of Paryatak is to offer completely customised travel plans to people who do not wish to be bound by the regular destinations, fixed travel timings & other things which come with standard travel agencies. We believe in offering complete freedom to our clients and offering them advice like a friend.

Sachin Sawant

Co-Founder, Travel Buff

If I want to describe myself, i would simply say "LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST" or "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, SO ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF IT". Travel the less travelled path, Explore the unexplored world. God has created this beautiful world and nature so that we can enjoy its beauty. The real pleasure can only be experienced after visiting these places.

The travel buff inside me started young, encouraged by md dad who gave me complete freedom & also helped me to plan short vacations. However, in the rat race of life I completely lost out on my passion.

Then after a long time it dawned upon me that life is more than just work & so started by second innings in the year 2015. In a short span I covered several Indian & international destinations which helped me reignite my passion of travel.

At PARYATAK we will help people to achieve their dream of travelling all over India and of course Internationally. So what are you waiting for.....

Just enquire with us and our team will help you to explore the unexplored.

Namrata Sawant

Co Founder

Coming from a simple family meant travelling was a luxury in my childhood. However the enthusiasm of my husband Sachin rubbed onto me & the travel bug bit me. When Sachin started travelling I got involved with him in the planning & thus began my journey into the world of travel which has now become my passion.

As part of the Paryatak team my role is to ensure that all the ticketing, hotel bookings & other things are in place. Along with my husband & Usha we are a team, working to fulfill the dreams of common people to travel around the world.

Usha Ature

Working for the last 25 years in a totally different stream, yet my passion for travel and visiting different parts of India came true only after meeting the SAWANT couple. Both of them having the same passion to travel all around India and world which made us very close friends.

We at "PARYATAK" are committed to work with honesty, integrity, give the best we can and of course are always ready for new suggestions from our travellers. Last but not the least- we would highly recommend the people to travel through us and experience the best memories of their life.