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8 Ways to Travel Internationally in economy budget.

Have a plan

Planning is very important as it will save a lot of money during your trip. Plan your travel well in advance. Planning at a last moment will cost you more. If for international travel we suggest planning at least 3 -6 months early. There are a lot of reasons for this. First you can save money every month for your travel. Secondly flight tickets are available at economical rates if you book them 2 -3 months in advance. You get enough time for your visa approval.

Some of the destination for first time travelers – Srilanka, Thailand (most economical), Dubai (UAE) , a bit costly. If you have done this try Singapore / Malayasia/ Maldives/ Oman/ Europe.

Have a budget

If you are ready to spend on your travel then probably this article may not interest you, but if you are a budget traveler like me, you have to decide on your budget. Flight tickets and visa are not in our hands but you can save in accommodation, travel and food, You can also save a lot in foreign exchange. (We can help you with foreign exchange by providing best rates)

Try Homestays

Although this concept is not new nowadays, but it may sound new for first time travelers or who don’t travel frequently. Homestays offer you accommodation at a reasonable rates and some even offer homemade food and breakfast which can save a lot of money. is one such website where you can get cheap accommodation.

Note : If you are travelling first time abroad, I would suggest to book hotels first as it would sometimes be difficult to find homestays. Once you become expert travelling abroad, you can chose for homestays.

Pack properly

I have seen lot of people who buy lot of new clothes, shoes and stuff like that when they are travelling spending much before they travel. When travel I take 2 – 3 jeans, 4 – 5 colourful bright T – Shirts and 2 – 3 stolls (same can be applicable for ladies). Take 2 empty bottles with you and fill water from hotels, restaurant, whenever you travel, it will save a lot of money during travel (In Oman 1.5 litre bottle cost around Rs. 90/-) We always travel with only 2 hand baggage and one sack bag.

Book flight in Advance

Although I have told you to book flight well in advance. I would like to add some more points. Try to book flight an odd days like Wednesday or Thursday instead of Saturday or Sunday. IT will cost less in weekdays then on weekends. If you are searching flights from your mobile, try the incognito mode, as normal browser will always use cookies and you may not get flight tickets at cheap rates. is the best website to search for flights. Also flight tickets are not constant as rail tickets, they always fluctuate. So keep an eye on the rates or you can put alerts.

Spend wisely

You have to handle your cash properly while shopping and purchasing. Indian credit cards won’t be accepted in other countries unless you authorize it from your banks. Also even if you authorize there will be heavy transaction for per person transaction so better avoid it. You can have cash or International travel card. Again while using a international card for withdrawing money from ATM will charge heavy transactions fees, so try to do it once after ascertaining the amount you will be required to spend.

Note: My single transaction in Thailand cost me around Rs.250/- so plan properly before withdrawing the required amount.

Act as a local traveler

Try to travel as you know everything about the country. Don’t try to show as you are new to the country. As there are lot of crooks waiting for first timers to cheat. I will share you a small incident which happened with me in Bangkok. We went to watch Madam Tussads Museum in Bangkok and was looking for the building on the street, when one lady asked me that she can help me with the tickets and guiding towards the Museum. She told me to take a tuk-tuk, go to their office and take tickets and then from there take the tuk-tuk back to madam Tussads Museum, But in real the Museum was 200 mtrs. Away from us and we were just saved from getting thugged.

Travelling in Group

By travelling in group, I mean to say that if you are couple who want to travel abroad, see to it that you can add one or two couple friends to your group because if you are hire a car for travel there will be same cost for travelling for two person or 4 persons. In this way you can atleast save a couple of thousand rupees.

So hope you got some good information about travel. You can arranged to tour on your own or we at paryatak can help you at the same cost, What you will do at your own. You will definitely save lot of time.

First Timers can try Thailand (3N Bangkok , 2 N Pattaya)

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